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Do Concomitant Fractures With Hip Fractures Influence Complication Rate and Functional Outcome?
Benjamin Buecking MD, Christina Wack MD, Ludwig Oberkircher MD, Steffen Ruchholtz MD, Daphne Eschbach MD
Anterior Impingement Test for Labral Lesions Has High Positive Predictive Value
Takehito Hananouchi MD, PhD, Yukihiko Yasui MD, Kengo Yamamoto MD, Yukiyoshi Toritsuka MD, PhD, Kenji Ohzono MD, PhD
What Are the Factors Associated With Acetabular Correction in Perthes-like Hip Deformities?
John C. Clohisy MD, James R. Ross MD, Joshua D. North MD, Jeffrey J. Nepple MD, Perry L. Schoenecker MD
Coxa Profunda: Is the Deep Acetabulum Overcovered?
Lucas A. Anderson MD, Ashley L. Kapron BS, Stephen K. Aoki MD, Christopher L. Peters MD
Do Fluoroscopy and Postoperative Radiographs Correlate for Periacetabular Osteotomy Corrections?
Charles L. Lehmann MD, Jeffrey J. Nepple MD, Geneva Baca BA, Perry L. Schoenecker MD, John C. Clohisy MD
A Dual-mobility Cup Reduces Risk of Dislocation in Isolated Acetabular Revisions
Roberto Civinini MD, Christian Carulli MD, Fabrizio Matassi MD, Lorenzo Nistri MD, Massimo Innocenti MD

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