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Patient Activity After TKA Depends on Patient-specific Parameters
Cornelia Lützner Dipl-Päd, Stephan Kirschner Dr med, PD, Jörg Lützner Dr med, PD
How Have Alternative Bearings and Modularity Affected Revision Rates in Total Hip Arthroplasty?
William M. Mihalko MD, PhD, Markus A. Wimmer PhD, Carol A. Pacione BS, Michel P. Laurent PhD, Robert F. Murphy MD, Carson Rider BS
The 2014 ABJS Nicolas Andry Award: The Puzzle of the Thumb: Mobility, Stability, and Demands in Opposition
Amy L. Ladd MD, Joseph J. Crisco PhD, Elisabet Hagert MD, PhD, Jessica Rose PhD, Arnold-Peter C. Weiss MD
Modern Trunnions Are More Flexible: A Mechanical Analysis of THA Taper Designs
David A. Porter MD, Robert M. Urban PhD, Joshua J. Jacobs MD, Jeremy L. Gilbert PhD, José A. Rodriguez MD, H. John Cooper MD
Safe Zone for Superolateral Entry Pin Into the Distal Humerus in Children: An MRI Analysis
Tamir Bloom MD, Caixia Zhao MD, Alpesh Mehta MD, Uma Thakur MD, John Koerner MD, Sanjeev Sabharwal MD, MPH
Time-dependent Changes After Latissimus Dorsi Transfer: Tenodesis or Tendon Transfer?
Ali Erşen MD, Hakan Ozben MD, Mehmet Demirhan MD, Ata Can Atalar MD, Mehmet Kapıcıoğlu MD
Is Synovial C-reactive Protein a Useful Marker for Periprosthetic Joint Infection?
Matthew W. Tetreault MD, Nathan G. Wetters MD, Mario Moric MS, Christopher E. Gross MD, Craig J. Della Valle MD
Does Fluoroscopy Improve Acetabular Component Placement in Total Hip Arthroplasty?
Brandon S. Beamer MD, Jordan H. Morgan BS, Christopher Barr BS, Michael J. Weaver MD, Mark S. Vrahas MD
Precision of the PRECICE® Internal Bone Lengthening Nail
Yatin M. Kirane MBBS, DOrtho, PhD, Austin T. Fragomen MD, S. Robert Rozbruch MD

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