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What Are the Causes for Failures of Primary Hip Arthroplasties in France?
Christian Delaunay MD, Moussa Hamadouche MD, PhD, Julien Girard MD, Alain Duhamel PhD
Ceramic-on-ceramic Bearing Decreases the Cumulative Long-term Risk of Dislocation
Philippe Hernigou MD, Yasuhiro Homma MD, Olivier Pidet MD, Isaac Guissou MD, Jacques Hernigou MD
Acetabular Liner With Focal Constraint to Prevent Dislocation After THA
Jacob T. Munro MBChB, Mihai H. Vioreanu MD, MCh, Bassam A. Masri MD, Clive P. Duncan MD, MSc
Surgical Dislocation Technique for the Treatment of Acetabular Fractures
Alessandro Masse MD, Alessandro Aprato MD, Luca Rollero MD, Andrea Bersano MD, Reinhold Ganz MD
Retrograde Versus Antegrade Intramedullary Nailing of Gunshot Diaphyseal Femur Fractures
Paul J. Dougherty MD, Petra Gherebeh MD, Mark Zekaj BS, Sajiv Sethi BS, Bryant Oliphant MD, Rahul Vaidya MD
Do Young, Active Patients Perceive Advantages After Surface Replacement Compared to Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty?
Robert L. Barrack MD, Erin L. Ruh MS, Michael E. Berend MD, Craig J. Della Valle MD, C. Anderson Engh MD, Javad Parvizi MD, FRCS, John C. Clohisy MD, Ryan M. Nunley MD
The Natural History of Inflammatory Pseudotumors in Asymptomatic Patients After Metal-on-metal Hip Arthroplasty
Sulaiman A. Almousa MBBS, Nelson V. Greidanus MD, MPH, Bassam A. Masri MD, Clive P. Duncan MD, MSc, Donald S. Garbuz MD, MHSc
Is the Bone-bonding Ability of a Cementless Total Hip Prosthesis Enhanced by Alkaline and Heat Treatments?
Kazutaka So MD, PhD, Ayumi Kaneuji MD, PhD, Tadami Matsumoto MD, PhD, Shuichi Matsuda MD, PhD, Haruhiko Akiyama MD, PhD
Retained Bullet Removal in Civilian Pelvis and Extremity Gunshot Injuries: A Systematic Review
John T. Riehl MD, Adam Sassoon MD, Keith Connolly BS, George J. Haidukewych MD, Kenneth J. Koval MD
Valgus Hip With High Antetorsion Causes Pain Through Posterior Extraarticular FAI
Klaus A. Siebenrock MD, Simon Damian Steppacher MD, Pascal Cyrill Haefeli MD, Joseph Michael Schwab MD, Moritz Tannast MD

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