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Successful Spinal Fusion by E. coli-derived BMP-2-adsorbed Porous ╬▓-TCP Granules: A Pilot Study
Sho Dohzono MD, Yuuki Imai MD, PhD, Hiroaki Nakamura MD, PhD, Shigeyuki Wakitani MD, PhD, Kunio Takaoka MD, PhD
Distraction Osteogenesis Enhances Remodeling of Remote Bones of the Skeleton: A Pilot Study
Julia F. Funk MD, Gert Krummrey MD, Carsten Perka PhD, Michael J. Raschke PhD, Hermann J. Bail PhD
One-step Bone Marrow-derived Cell Transplantation in Talar Osteochondral Lesions
Sandro Giannini MD, Roberto Buda MD, Francesca Vannini MD, PhD, Marco Cavallo MD, Brunella Grigolo PhD
Cancellous Bone Properties and Matrix Content of TGF-╬▓2 and IGF-I in Human Tibia: A Pilot Study
Yener N. Yeni PhD, X. Neil Dong PhD, Bingbing Zhang MD, Gary J. Gibson PhD, David P. Fyhrie PhD
Vitamin-D Binding Protein Does Not Enhance Healing in Rat Bone Defects: A Pilot Study
Jui-Sheng Sun MD, PhD, Pei-Yu Chen MD, Yang-Hwei Tsuang MD, PhD, Ming-Hong Chen MD, PhD, Po-Quang Chen MD, PhD
rhBMP-2 Modulation of Gene Expression in Infected Segmental Bone Defects
Katherine E. Brick BS, Xinqian Chen MD, Jamie Lohr MD, Andrew H. Schmidt MD, Louis S. Kidder PhD, William D. Lew MS
Use of Bone Morphogenic Protein-7 as a Treatment for Osteoarthritis
Neil Badlani MD, Yasushi Oshima MD, PhD, Rob Healey BS, Richard Coutts MD, David Amiel PhD
OP-1 Augments Glucocorticoid-inhibited Fracture Healing in a Rat Fracture Model
Robert S. Gilley DVM, PhD, DACVS, Larry J. Wallace DVM, MS, DACVS, Craig A. Bourgeault BS, Louis S. Kidder PhD, Joan E. Bechtold PhD
Is Vertical-center-anterior Angle Equivalent to Anterior Coverage of the Hip?
Takashi Sakai MD, PhD, Takashi Nishii MD, PhD, Kazuomi Sugamoto MD, PhD, Hideki Yoshikawa MD, PhD, Nobuhiko Sugano MD, PhD
Early Equivalence of Uncemented Press-fit and Compress® Femoral Fixation
German L. Farfalli MD, Patrick J. Boland MD, Carol D. Morris MD, Edward A. Athanasian MD, John H. Healey MD

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