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A 16-year-old Girl With Pain and Swelling in the Medial Clavicle
Nathan F. Gilbert MD, Michael T. Deavers MD, John E. Madewell MD, Valerae O. Lewis MD
Do Outcomes Differ after Rotator Cuff Repair for Patients Receiving Workers’ Compensation?
R. Balyk MD, FRCS (C), C. Luciak-Corea BSc, PT, D. Otto MD, FRCS (C), D. Baysal MD, FRCS (C), L. Beaupre PT, PhD
Femoral Deformity Correction in Children and Young Adults Using Taylor Spatial Frame
Salih Marangoz MD, David S. Feldman MD, Debra A. Sala MS, PT, Joshua E. Hyman MD, Michael G. Vitale MD, MPH
Periosteal Grafting for Congenital Pseudarthrosis of the Tibia: A Preliminary Report
Ahmed M. Thabet MD, Dror Paley MD, Mehmet Kocaoglu MD, Levent Eralp MD, John E. Herzenberg MD, Omer Naci Ergin MD
Femoral Resurfacing in Young Patients with Hematologic Cancer and Osteonecrosis
Evguenia J. Karimova MD, Shesh N. Rai PhD, Jianrong Wu PhD, Lunetha Britton RN, Sue C. Kaste DO, Michael D. Neel MD
Percutaneous Nonviral Delivery of Hepatocyte Growth Factor in an Osteotomy Gap Promotes Bone Repair in Rabbits: A Preliminary Study
Hidenori Matsubara MD, Hiroyuki Tsuchiya MD, PhD, Koji Watanabe MD, PhD, Akihiko Takeuchi MD, PhD, Katsuro Tomita MD, PhD
Tibial Lengthening: Extraarticular Calcaneotibial Screw to Prevent Ankle Equinus
Mohan V. Belthur MD, Dror Paley MD, Gaurav Jindal MD, Rolf D. Burghardt MD, Stacy C. Specht MPA, John E. Herzenberg MD

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