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Orthopaedic Case of the Month 38 articles


A 26-year-old Woman With Bilateral Leg Pain and Pruritus

S. M. Morell MD, Jerad M. Gardner MD, L. J. Suva PhD, C. O. Montgomery MD

An Unusual Cause of Lumbar Radiculopathy

Jesse Even MD, Gregory Gasbarro MD, Liron Pantanowitz MD, James Kang MD, Kurt Weiss MD

Left Knee Pain and Bilateral Knee Swelling in an Adolescent

R. Justin Mistovich MD, Patrick O. J. O’Toole MD, Nancy A. Chauvin MD, Benjamin J. Wilkins MD, Theodore J. Ganley MD

Thigh Pain in an 18-year-old Man

Frank Traub MD, PhD, Marilyn Heng MD, Brendan C. Dickson MD, MSc, Peter C. Ferguson MD, MSc

Aggressive Tibial Lesion in a 70-year-old Man

Jacob M. Kirsch MD, Andrew E. Rosenberg MD, Brian J. O’Hara MD, John A. Abraham MD

A 33-year-old Man With Low Back Pain

Dafang Zhang MD, Kathryn Hess BA, G. Petur Nielsen MD, Joseph H. Schwab MD

Painful Forearm Mass in a 75-year-old Man

Scott J. Schoenleber MD, Andrew E. Rosenberg MD, H. Thomas Temple MD

Knee Pain in a 9-year-old Girl

Eric R. Henderson MD, Rebecca A. Pohlmann MD, Lisa A. Teot MD, Mark C. Gebhardt MD

Chronic Knee Pain in an 80-year-old Woman

Mark R. Robbin MD, Peter G. Pavlidakey MD, Patrick Getty MD, Hooman Yarmohammadi MD

A 62-year-old Woman With Neck Pain and Neurologic Findings

Dean Papaliodis MD, Timothy Roberts MD, Matthew DiCaprio MD, James Lawrence MD

Asymptomatic Upper Arm Mass in a 37-year-old Woman

Paul Rothenberg BA, Yaxia Zhang MD, PhD, Andrew Rosenberg MD, Sheila A. Conway MD

Neck Pain in a 27-year-old Man

Addisu Mesfin MD, Jacob M. Buchowski MD, MS, Mitra Mehrad MD, Jianwen Xu MD, PhD

A 14-Year-Old Boy With a Medial Thigh Soft Tissue Mass

David A. Ibrahim BA, Leo Mascarenhas MD, MS, Jason P. Tovar MD, Alexandre Arkader MD

A 51-year-old Man with a Painless Wrist Mass

Razvan Nicolescu MD, Paul D. Clifford MD, Philip G. Robinson MD, Sheila A. Conway MD

Painless Right Knee Mass in 32-year-old Man

Michael K. Merz MD, Mansooreh Eghtesadghalati MD, Michael E. Bresler MD, Yasser R. Farid MD, PhD

Pulsatile Soft Tissue Mass

Megan E. Anderson MD, Jeffrey D. Goldsmith MD, Mary G. Hochman MD, Amir Taghinia MD

A 16-year-old Boy with Multifocal, Painless Osseous Lesions

Ellen M. Dean MD, James C. Wittig MD, Camilo Vilalobos MD, Roberto A. Garcia MD

Recurrent Thigh Pain in a 44-Year-Old Man

Adam O. Burzynski MD, Alfredo Luis Valente MD, Timothy A. Damron MD

Femur Mass in a 43-Year-Old Woman

Yan Epelboym MPH, Kapil R. Desai MD, Roberto Garcia MD, James C. Wittig MD

Ossified Calf Mass in a 32-year-old Woman

Eniola T. Obadina MD, Donna G. Blankenbaker MD, Kirkland W. Davis MD, John P. Heiner MD

Lower Leg Pain in a 41-year-old Woman

Seungcheol Kang MD, Ilkyu Han MD, PhD, Seung Han Shin MD, Han-Soo Kim MD, PhD

A 50-year-old Woman with Persistent Knee Pain

Brian E. Walczak DO, MPT, Dorothy M. Halperin MD, Rabei W. Bdeir MD, Ronald B. Irwin MD

Elbow Pain in a 9-year-old Boy

Mathew Hamula MS, Nick Pappas MD, Kristen Thomas MD, John Dormans MD

Painful Lower-leg Mass in a 76-year-old Man

Prasad J. Sawardeker MD, MS, Check C. Kam MD, J. David Pitcher MD, H. Thomas Temple MD

A 16-year-old Boy with a Recurrent Mass of the First Toe

Peter Michael Prodinger MD, Hakan Pilge MD, Franz Prantl MD, Joachim Lauen MD

Medial Knee Pain in a 69-year-old Man

Rej S. Bhumbra MBBS, PhD, FRCS (Tr & Orth), Monica Khanna FRCR, Brendan C. Dickson MSc, MD, FRCPC, Peter C. Ferguson MD, MSc, FRCSC

Ankle Pain and Swelling in a 23-year-old Man

Erik R. Bergquist MD, Jim S. Wu MD, Jeffrey D. Goldsmith MD, Megan E. Anderson MD

Knee Pain in a 17-year-old Girl

Skander Chaabane MD, Amira Merghani MD, Cyrine Drissi MD, Mohamed Fethi Ladeb PhD