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Author Instructions for Submitting to CORRĀ®

Article Types

The following documents contain more specific instructions for preparing your submission. Submissions not following our instructions will likely be returned without review.

Clinical Research

Clinical research manuscripts use patients to explore treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, or economic-decision analyses.
Authors are encouraged to use our online Article Building Tool for Clinical Research Articles.



Basic Research

Basic research manuscripts explore mechanisms in the musculoskeletal system or the effects of treatment typically not involving patients, although they may if the point is to explore mechanisms.



Systematic Reviews / Meta-analyses

Systematic reviews and meta-analyses answer specific questions by thoroughly searching existing literature using either a qualitative or quantitative approach.



Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor should seek to open or further discussion on an article previously published in CORR®.




CORR Insights® (By Invitation Only)

CORR Insights® are invited commentaries providing context on a study being published in CORR® and are published in tandem with the original article.


How to Submit

All submissions to CORR® must be uploaded through our online submission system at

If you do not have an author account in our system, you will be required to make one. Please proceed to the "Register" link in the top header.

If you already have an author account, you may proceed directly to "Login" in the top header. It is also possible to log in using a valid ORCID account.

Authors who have lost or forgotten their login credentials should contact our office or use the "Send Username/Password" link.

Once logged in, use the "Submit New Manuscript" link and follow the instructions.